Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome To The Alife Rivington Club


Nike Dunk Hi
A.R.C x Nike Dunk Hi Supreme TZ comes with the "Black, White, Bum & Bang" shirt for the 1st 100 customers. That's a deal and a steal!

What’s Life Without Culture?!

Culture Shoq x Asics GEL Lyte III


Exclusivity is the KEY! Culture is the DOOR! The Culture Shoq GEL Lyte III will be available this Friday July 31st at 10 AM at David Z. There will only be 150 pairs released. Be exclusive. Cop a pair!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


One of the most visually appeasing videos that has been created in a while.


Only For The Grown and Sexy!

Take off the blues from Koning Baviaan on Vimeo. we know you're probably thinking, "damn, they only rented out a table in a bar to do a video?" Well maybe so; but times are hard these days...meanwhile, you must admit this track is smoother than butta. Enjoy!!

“The Oscillations: Square”

So many ways one could express Muhsinah's sound, but it's truly challenging to categorize it. With that being said...whatever your flavor is, just give this one a try; Expect anything but disappointment... Peace!

Might Crown+Nike Dynasty!

These are royally fresh! with the gangster black and red colorway, the double tagged tongue and the studded strap, these would be so comfortable in the trend setter's closet. No word on the release yet though.

Happy (Late) B-Day JT!

What can we say about this guy? One of the craziest, most focused and daring people I know. JT is the Vice President of Urban Anatomy and also a rarity amongst the people we live in this world with. From the entire UA family we would like to wish our brother a happy birthday!

"UA" all day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

....Squared Straight.....

I'm so excited about this, I feel like it's MI B-DAY!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

....Lean Green Machines.....

....Anybody that has anything to say about this post can SUCK my SHELL!!!!!....
Please and thank you!

<3 NIA

...Open 24 Hours....Love For Sale

My brother (Earl) and I (Nia) have been OBBBBBBESSSSSESSSSSSED with Bilal's music lately.! More than anything we use this blog as a form of communication not only to you (the people(s)), but also between each other. So EARL, enjoy! Clearly, he's been performing these songs since '07! What the fudge?!!? When you talk to Bilal, tell him to send me some new tracks. :-p

Earl's FAV!


<3 NIA

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ubiq+Atmos Kicks!

These are the product of a collaboration of two insane fashion design firms. Atmos Girls and Uniq are so high on fashion. So feel free to get high on some of their product at Ubiq this fall.

I Think I'm in Love

Just look at her. Her full lips, her metallic jacket and shiny ass. Hajime Sorayam is the artist, who happens to be an insane Japanese talent. Trust me, this guy is worth googling.

The Huf Converse (RED)

These babies are the huf converse that they designed through the Red charity organization. These are ill, with eye catching contrast through the black and white colorway as well as the colorway positioning. Look for their release at HUF.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Movement!

Beautiful artistic inspirations all on one block with a dope can one leave without wanting to do better. Urban Anatomy understand and respect the passion that many have for art, and because of that we seek inspiration to become one within our selves as individuals to give significant expressions; therefore we inspire as we are inspired. Journey With Us!

Happy Ending

Oh how I wish every story could have a Happy Ending...unfortunately that's not the case. No complaints though because it makes living for the moment that much more exciting. Live it up my people...Peace!

.....Give me my MUNNY!!!!......

Sorry....I'm posting everything today. Anybody that (really) knows me.....knows that I have an obessesion with Munny by KidRobot. They are the cutest little customizable things EVER!!! If anyone (really) wants to get me a present, make sure it's some MUNNY! or Money! Whatev! I'm not picky.

Munny directly from the box. Comes with secret accessory: skateboard, aviators, fitted, etc.
People who know me also know that I'm a geek. Tron' onnnn!!!!! DUH!!!!!

I'm freaking out right now. Not a Crazy 88 MUNNY!!!! I'm about to faint. Get Thee Behind ME!

......Back like cooked crack.....

Alrighty then old chaps....I am back online (in a literal sense).....

Since I've (NIA) has been away for so long, I decided to go through the massive folders of my computer and clear out some on my beautiful junk. P.S. Public service annoucement....EVERYBODY should learn to recycle.

I came across this girl on Asos and I think she is one of the prettiest girls ever! She makes every outfit they put on her look Awesome-r. Guys (and girls :-P), if you are looking for a daily pretty girl fix.....go to

You're Welcome!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Purple Label Dresssssss!

Once again very dope dress. I love the colorway and cut. The pockets ad the perfect touch of the unexpected. Cop one at 80's Purple.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...earlie birfday GIFT.......

It's almost that time of the year when I'm ONE entire year older (I already feel old as dirt)....I have to start pondering about gifts......Oh....My birthday is October 29!!!!!!!!! (gimme DAT or else!!!!!)

Lowrider or Vespa??!?!?!

You decide!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who's Real?

Swizz Beatz bless the sound waves and Jadakiss bless the mic once again with another club banga! Assisted by OJ Da Juiceman....lookout for the remix!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How High Are You?

Talking about being fly...this was truly as beautiful as it looks. Although my ears were popping like crazy...I still couldn't help but to notice one of the many master pieces from the greatest artist of all; you guessed it: the man up stairs (GOD). Flawless!!