Thursday, April 30, 2009

...Style Profile.....

::My first post about men....stylish men.....WOOT WOOT!!!!!!::

This is a underrated label that goes by the name of Band of Outsiders. They are a newer brand but their items are clearly making a statement. This Fall 2009 line displays the essentials for a cultured, well-dressed man.....tuxedo jackets and sweatpants! This line is versatile, imaginative, structured, and urban.
Band of Outsiders = BOMB!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Time Is It Again?

So you love Star Wars, or maybe you're a Trekey (Star Trek Fan), or a Fashion Geek...better yet, you're tired of the same old same and thirst for some new "ish." Not some new same "ish"...but really, some out of space Battlestar Galactica "ish;" well you may want to aim your interest towards Tokyo Flash. These watches are stylish, high-tech and futuristic-looking wristwatches that are imported from Japan and which must be seen to be believed! Okay Okay, I know you may be a little late to your appointments trying to figure out the time to these things...But at least you'll be late in style right!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ransom+Adidas Chukka!

I'll be acquiring a pair of these beauties once I find out where they are. How about you? Let us know through a comment, my fashion fiends.

...More Couture.....

Any that involves COUTURE....I'm on it....all the way....

Introducing Disney Couture. One of the best designers is Kidada Jones (Quincy Jones' daughter). I mean DAMN...they have Disney-inspired door knockers!! Check them out at Karmaloop or 80's Purple!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Nike Sportswear x Nylon Magazine Dunk Hi Pack

Ok, so one of Urban Anatomy's family members owns some dunk vandals and he practically kisses them before he goes to sleep. So when we heard about these Nylon Dunks we all peed our pants simultaneously. We'll let you know wear they'll be. Church!

Alessandro Dell'AcquaPatent Leather Sneaker in Vernice Bianco !Nuts!

These are pretty freakin insane. Super High Tops are the new black. Cop a pair right here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's A Celebration!!!

CONGRATULATIONS...It took you long enough, however, glad you made it to our blog... Sit back and enjoy; don't forget to leave a comment. Peace!

The Boardroom

Board Room in Montgomery, AL 2801 Vaughn Plaza Road, # W ...

Good Times

Perry Varner and Kenyetta Sway makes a quick pose as the camera man, (JT), catches them off gaurd. Notice the first pose Perry thinks of; Lol. However, also notice how Sway's "poppin" lipstick compliments Perry's hankerchief...Very Nice!

Culture Shock

Two of the coolest/funniest cats you'll ever meet. We see the style too fellas! Keep doing what you're doing; Much Respect!

"Mirror Mirror On The Wall..."

What do you get when you blend a chiffon blouse with a knit skirt...well if you must know, it's the "Resurrection of Style." Simple lines paired with ballooning skirt mixes the new and old effortlessly. And please don't forget the bow tie satin pumps! This look is a deadly combination.... the ultimate accessory: Fashion MAGS!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Illest picture of the Week.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sneaker Porn!

These are the new Visvim Spring/Summer 2009 FBT Lattice in the purple colorway. Kinda reminds me of something Native Americans would rock so I'm yelling these are DOPE! in smoke signals.
These are the women tear away Blazers. Is it just me or do the ladies get the dopest colorways? Well I think that the reason they do is because if a man gets caught wearing fly sh!t, there's a chance some lame call him gay. Anyhow cop these at Proper!

These happen to be the Lupe Fiasco Converse. These are pretty ill. They are due to be releases to limited boutiques soon. So look out!

Here at the Columbian Jungles we loves Reebok Pumps, especially the Dee Browns. The happen to do something special, like glow in the freakin dark! I need this in my life and when they're released they shall be all mine (check Chapter World ). HA HA HA HA!

More Pumps? Don't mind if I do! These babies are the Atmos Reebok Pumps. Enough said.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be Fly, Be Weird, Be Cool, Kids! (A Night out on "A" Town)

Guess who it is! Mikey Rocks and Chuck English! Cooooool Kids!This is Kim. One the Nicest and Flyest business women I know. As the Leader of the Lavish Life Social Club, she is setting up her team for the win. She's everywhere in the post, point guard position and she coaches! Big Up for inviting us to the event Fam.

One half of Chester French! We love good music and these guys are a part of it. Check them out on Throw up the Star Trek sign! Now!

This is Rochelle Fox and her homie, Shante. Rochelle Fox is the one on the right and happens to be Amazing. She is an Atlanta Artist (She Spits! Check her out on Yo, in person though she's fly and a fox like in real life (In my "J.J Evans" Voice).

This is Camera and her glasses were the illest accessory in the event. Not to mention she's cute.

This Dude ALIen is a F*ckin Beast and he played the drums like a maniac. He literally played the drums while dancing, took his shirt off, asked a chick for her number and did his taxes at the same time. Crazy! Big up to the homie.

Big up to Dres tha Beatnick (

The Dave's Quality Meats!

Battle of the MoHawk!

Marcus Forbes had to break it up though. I had my money on JT though.

Step's Golden Mikes! As you can see the "A" was blessed with some hard drop kicks.

Peace! From UA.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

..Yummy Yummy Goodies....

....These looks are from a designer called Aqua Couture from this designer is CrAzY!!!!! They come from the UK and if you want to cop one of their items...I would DEF encourage you to get it from (to take advantage of their $6 shipping!!!) is not a spectacular site...actually it's kind of wack, but if their clothes are dope does it really matter, really!?!