Friday, February 26, 2010

Check This Out...

Well clearly it's no secret to who and what Anna Wintour is to the fashion industry. For those of you that have no idea; if you ever saw "The Devil Wears Prada," Meryl Streep's character should give you an idea of who Anna Wintour is. Well now, through the immaculate direction of R.J. Cutler, you can see the inner workings of Vogue yourself.
Before Coco Chanel, there was Coco Chanel in the making. Coco Avant Chanel takes a biolook at the life of famed French designer Gabrielle Chanel, better known as "Coco," played marvelously by Audrey Tautou. This film was directed and written by Anne Camille Fontaine; and it is currently available in retails and movie rentals near you.


See; a few relevant details never hurt anybody...Sometimes a nice attire with no accessories is as bad as an attractive individual with no personality.


...You know, maybe being put in a box is not so bad afterall!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Running From Reality

We're collaborating with a new agency on an upcoming shoot. It should be pretty fly! (you will get it once you see the shoot)

JT ordered an insane bottle of Moscotto D'Asti. We highly recommend this genre of wine.

Birmingham business power couple, Gary Burley and Bobbie Knight. Their eye wear was amazing (Peep the Ray bans).

Ken Lawrence and Krystle Griggs Designed some beautiful pieces and accessories. Thanks for having us.
Success begins with nothing but a dream, an idea that is born to you, created from the union of love and passion. We are all parents to beautiful ideas, goals and ambitions. Nurture those dreams, so one day they can mature into living inspiration for the dreams of others. The journey continues.....
"UA" All Day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

....In the nick of time.....

So clearly it's still Black History Month. Not over yet!!!!! ::sidenote....I really have a rant about describing African Americans, people from the Caribbean or anyone with dark skin as Black. Sorry society....I'm BROWN!!


Not since 2002 has French Vogue, one of the leaders in the internation fashion world, used a Brown (=D) woman on their cover....this year we have some celebrating to do. WOOT WOOT!!! ::And yes for those that KNOW me....I am raising the roof @ my desk:: Introducing Miss Rose Cordero as French Vogue March 2010.

Damn....not until March....but issues should be on stands already.

::Right fist in the air::


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Earry Hall+Get Money Magazine

STYLING: Urban Anatomy
PUBLICATION: Get Money Magazine/ Black Men Magazine
It's was an Honor. Gratitude AP, you executed a dope interview.
"UA" All Day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ken Lawrence Collection

Fashion Viewing 2-21-10
The Wine Loft (Downtown Birmingham)

Bilal + Jesse Boykins - Foreign Exchange(Flight Issue) + Anthony David = SOUL!!

Shouts out to everyone involved with the concert @ Center Stage on Friday night (2-12-10)! Shouts out to all the people that went out their way to get to the concert, "In the Snow," for the love and support of soul music! Even though the Grammy Nominated Foreign Exchange could not make it because of the weather, the concert was still hot. In the spirit of Foreign Exchange, we jammed to the "Leave It All Behind," all the way to MJQ(and at our pit stop at Checkers)! Meanwhile, Jesse Boykins topped it off with a smooth performance; honestly we anticipated that one chic throwing her panties on stage with his single, "Pantyhose..." but it didn't happen. Anthony David and Algebra came through and warmed it up with their performance; the shoes was mean Algebra....lastly, Bilal came through and murdered it. This cat actually forgot some of the words to his song, stopped the band, and picked it back up with a even doper sound...can someone say, "Originality!" Congrats to your Grammy Nomination bro, even though you deserve many Grammys!
Peace to Innovators...Peace to Open Minds...Peace and Love to YOU!