Monday, February 22, 2010

Running From Reality

We're collaborating with a new agency on an upcoming shoot. It should be pretty fly! (you will get it once you see the shoot)

JT ordered an insane bottle of Moscotto D'Asti. We highly recommend this genre of wine.

Birmingham business power couple, Gary Burley and Bobbie Knight. Their eye wear was amazing (Peep the Ray bans).

Ken Lawrence and Krystle Griggs Designed some beautiful pieces and accessories. Thanks for having us.
Success begins with nothing but a dream, an idea that is born to you, created from the union of love and passion. We are all parents to beautiful ideas, goals and ambitions. Nurture those dreams, so one day they can mature into living inspiration for the dreams of others. The journey continues.....
"UA" All Day!

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  1. ooooooh bright colors.... i like i like...