Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photography: Michael Carson
Styled By: Nia Hall
Designer: Eric Juno
Model: Kristen Bradley

Happy Valentines Day...In Advance

Nicholas Kirkwood definitely has something else up his sleeve! For anyone that has never received flowers, this is truly a introduction to remember. So if you see that little chubby ass angel with the love arrows, see if you can't talk him into darting Nicholas for a delivery.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

....Eye of the Tiger.....

I know we haven't been posting in a while....this thing called life is kicking our ass. But just to make up for our transgressions.....I decided to post a very funny (thro-back) vid from our very own.



Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Not to know is bad, not to wish to know is worse." -Nigerian Proverb

Happy Martin Luther King Day

Do not forget your history...There is no future nor present without the past.

Peace and Love to Haiti!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Color For Thought

Spring is arriving....and we all know that purple is symbolic for royalty; we also know that purple is a combination of red and blue..."So I guess this color makes me the hottest but yet coolest guy in town, right?" Not exactly, however, purple does subconsciously allow one to tap into their inner self to imagine and be inspired. In addition it exudes mystery... pretty unique powers coming from a color; if I must say so myself. So instead of trying to stay updated with the latest
trends and what's in season, All You Fashionistas; allow your attire to be an expression of YOU.
Be Inspired To Inspire! Peace

Thursday, January 14, 2010

...Sak Passe...

For those of who you are shut off from the world, don't have Internet, Television, don't watch the news, read the newspaper, Tweet or whatever.....a major tragedy and travesty has occurred in one of the Western Hemisphere's poorest country. On Tuesday, January 13, 2010, a earthquake shook Haiti and the world! The epicenter of the quake happened only 10 miles from the city's capital and most populated city, Port-au-Prince.

I urge everyone to take a proactive approach in dealing with this tragedy because honestly this could happen ANYWHERE. I am a anthropologist and geographer and please believe when I tell you that the earth does move and the continents are constantly shifting and creating disturbances that no one can detect until it's too late. I'm really not into the soppy and mushy pleads for help, but I am asking everyone to donate FIVE whole dollars to Wyclef's YELE foundation. Please text YELE to 501 501. The $5 is directly added to your phone bill.

Continue to strive and make contributions to the world. As many people that dance their dances and eat their food....the least we can do is help.

I'm done with my shpeel.....thank you and GOOD NIGHT!

*for my friends Daphne and Fabienne Francois.....Sak PASSE*


Monday, January 11, 2010

And The Adventure Begins.......

So Mike Carson (who is an insane photographer and friend we're doing work with) says, "lets check out some potential locations for the next shoot!" and just that quick the adventure begins......

Look around you right now at this moment. I'm sure that if you try to will your vision to notice beauty, eventually that beauty it will surround you like an angry mob. You must trust this mob, for it only wants you to create more of it and make it stronger.There are places that deserve your compliments, your attention, your touch. So welcome your surroundings and challenge it to impress you.
"UA" All Day!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Space Between Art and Love:"UA" Mural

The timeless question of what art is invades the minds of most artistic people and through this intriguing question we discover new ways to define art. The limitless possibilities of art and even more importantly creativity relies on the journeys that our failures reveal to us. This mural represents just that; the failures and triumphs of creativity and the possibility that some people will love your artistry but some will not. Your mind is a beautiful destination for our art. Thank you for allowing us to be.......

"UA" All Day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sade Returns

Wow; I must say that I am excited, but yet curious to see how this turns out. Comebacks are daring, it can uplift one's career, or bring down one's career. Sade has great music under her belt; will she be able to top or even compare to what she has done 10+ years ago? "Of course she will...she's friggin Sade!" We shall see...however this turns out, the dreams of seeing her perform is finally coming to light. Peace to you Sade!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Urban Anatomy Discovers Charlotte.....

This guy is John True, an amazing artist, who resides in Charlotte, NC. He owns a gallery and studio in the NODA Art District. As I entered his gallery I noticed some of the most captivating art I've lately.
From the colorways that seemed to invade my vision to the hand carved stone that accompanied some of his portraits, each piece seemed to be alive. John told me that recently in the art world death is popular but in his world life is.
Every painting that he has created is in the middle of something and there is life happening. John explained to me that art is not the answer to everything to him, it's just the way thinks. Give him a visit and check more of his beautiful insanity at

Interesting enough, Charlotte has some ill graffiti. This was on the side of a loft. I'd live there!
The Center of the Earth Gallery!

More Graffiti!
As I strolled to view some boutiques I stumbled upon a couple skateboarders doing their thing! They told me that whatever you're doing doesn't matter unless you love it. It doesn't matter if you get anywhere just keep pushin. Good lookin out Denver and Franklin...

Even More Graffiti!
So I came across two young while on my way to another meeting and they told me about party at the Dharma Lounge. They played house, had grrrrrreat drinks and a dope venue. It was the artist, designer, skater paradise.

There is so much to see and learn. The world is waiting on you, so don't keep it waiting and don't take it for granted. So Cheers (ding!), here's to your movement through ambition.
"UA" All Day!