Saturday, January 2, 2010


I cannot even fathom any words to describe this video. "On To The Next One!" It truly is a work of art. I first saw this vid while eating a Mexican restaurant with Earry before going to pick up our comp passes to Avatar (3D). you hasn't seen Avatar....the Grim Reeper will be standing at your door in about 15 minutes. Give me a minute. Traffic is bad.

Anywhoooo.....I think I had freaking artistic overload. There is so much symbolism and abstract features. I've been reading so many blogs and comments about the video. The most common thoughts: #1 I don't understand!!!! #2 Does Jay-Z worship the devil? #3 Why is there so much milk in the video?

BUT I want to hear your thoughts. I know how I feel about it. I think it's one of thee most creative, outside the box videos that I've seen. But I'm just a mere minute entity in the universe. What do YOU think?

Our next one: DEF planning some photoshoots with Earry and JT. We are artists and our canvas has been blank a little too long for me.

...Always in progress.....


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