Thursday, January 14, 2010

...Sak Passe...

For those of who you are shut off from the world, don't have Internet, Television, don't watch the news, read the newspaper, Tweet or whatever.....a major tragedy and travesty has occurred in one of the Western Hemisphere's poorest country. On Tuesday, January 13, 2010, a earthquake shook Haiti and the world! The epicenter of the quake happened only 10 miles from the city's capital and most populated city, Port-au-Prince.

I urge everyone to take a proactive approach in dealing with this tragedy because honestly this could happen ANYWHERE. I am a anthropologist and geographer and please believe when I tell you that the earth does move and the continents are constantly shifting and creating disturbances that no one can detect until it's too late. I'm really not into the soppy and mushy pleads for help, but I am asking everyone to donate FIVE whole dollars to Wyclef's YELE foundation. Please text YELE to 501 501. The $5 is directly added to your phone bill.

Continue to strive and make contributions to the world. As many people that dance their dances and eat their food....the least we can do is help.

I'm done with my shpeel.....thank you and GOOD NIGHT!

*for my friends Daphne and Fabienne Francois.....Sak PASSE*


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  1. 一個人的際遇在第一次總是最深刻的,有時候甚至會讓人的心變成永遠的絕緣。.........................