Monday, June 29, 2009

Silence of the Lambs!

Jay-Z - Death of Autotune (Video Premier)

Even though this video was premiered after the BET Awards, or should we say..."Michael Tribute," (R.I.P. MJ), we still couldn't help but to notice the artistry and creativity of both the video and the track. In the words of Jay-Z..."What More Can I Say?"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Earry

What exactly could we say about this guy...hmm, creative, trend setter, family oriented, channels his love for himself through the love he gives to others. For those that did not know, Urban Anatomy was named by Earry...inspired by a dream he actually had; for that we (participators and followers of UA) thank you. Continue allowing your mind to flow through the world of art to express what you do, as usual we will be right beside you. Meanwhile, this is only the beginning: so as you would always say, "Lets Get It In!" Love and Respect the hell out of you! -UA

Thank You For Your Inspiration!

R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Raf Simons Show Sandals!

These are the Raf Simons Show Sandal and I would live inside of these things. Actually Raf Simons deserves allot of praise for the amazing works of art that he creates in every aspect of fashion he touches.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

...Can't get ENOUGH of your love....BABY!!!

Dear Rachel Roy:

I love you.....You are probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You are so beautiful and talented.....and you continue to do something simple that many refuse to do: EVOLVE. If you're not busy being married to Dame, can you do me a favor and be mine? Please and Thanks!


Friday, June 19, 2009

We can only do so much....what are you going to do for yourself?

We are on a constant quest to become more educated and cultured individuals. One of the steps of our journey is reading as much as we can.......Nia's topic/inspiration this week: Haile Selassie!
This man inspires me like no other. What good is fashion if you have NO sense? What good is knowledge if you don't KNOW history? What good is finishing the race if you haven't ENDURED a journey? I want my people to be knowledgeable on a plethora of ideas, people, and things. Reading about Selassie has really taught me the importance of understanding OUR people and their needs in terms of prosperity, peace, and rightenous!

"We have finished the job....what shall we do with the tools?"-telegram to Winston Churchill

::Disclaimer:: I've been in my real afro-centric, Rastafari, African diaspora, candle-lighting, meditating mood lately! CLEARLY!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

JT's Styling: "A Trip To The Past!"

Regardless of Billy Holiday's controversial background, I believe it's still safe to say that she had this class about her which enhanced her beauty. This immaculate artist played a huge role in influencing this look we executed; Hence the black blouse accessorized with white pearls. The grey bow tie skirt was a plus, spiced with laced stockings. Classic!

"Come fly with me, lets fly lets fly away If you can use, some exotic booze There’s a bar in far Bombay..." -Frank Sinatra

And fly we shall; Frank Sinatra, always known to wear a nice suit complimented with a fedora hat; Definitely the influence for this style; Accessorized with a grey leather bag, which in my opinion added a little more life to the attire. Men’s bags are masculine, attractive and ideal additions to any contemporary wardrobe. The black rose was a significant accessory signifying farewell...but not to the style of course, May the Style live on!

7 Deadly Sins Pack: Greed, Sloth and Pride

A lot of people are sleeping on Reebok Pumps. I on the other hand am all over them. These are the three releases from the 7 deadly sins pack. Introducing Pride (Purple), Sloth (Powder Blue), Greed (Yellow).

...Naturally Beautiful....

I know a lot of women now are following the "trend" of natural hair......and let me just say......I hope you follow until FOREVER!!!! Natural hair is beautiful, strong, complimentary, versatile, and totally wicked. So if you are considering growing out your hair naturally....please do so! Plus, dope guys dig chicks with DOPE, natural hair.

Empire 33's Brutal Bag

This is a very interesting bag. With a sword's handle attached Empire has no choice but to strike fear into the eyes of the rest of the accessories in your closet.

The Nicholas Kirkwoods!

These are just one of the amazing designs from Nicholas Kirkwood's' Fall collection. These are totally nuts and they belong in a straight jacket.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Jordan III's are coming!

They're scheduled for release in August. We'll keep you posted.
"UA" All Day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Smoking Lips Necklace!

ILL! This is the Chrishabana ’smoking lips Necklace cop one at Oak if you can. (Thanks Britney).

"UA" All Day

A-Morir Shades!

ILL! These babies are A-morir and all I have to say about that.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Commercialism in the Sneaker World is Wack!

So Nike released two very interesting sneakers: The Air Yeezy and the RT1; both of these are called lifestyle sneakers. In my opinion neither of them are unique, but the Yeezys cost $130 more bucks than the RT1's. Plus they released like 1,000 pair of each colorway world wide. There are actually people sleeping outside for kicks that have been designed by someone who has no design experience. It's kinda sad because in reality there are some legitimate shoe designers that will never triumph Kanye's design success.
There are 17 year old kids that have inspiring talent in comparison to not only Kanye's releases but the recent releases of the sneaker industry. So the purpose of this post is to offer advice! Please research and find diamonds in the rough. Don't go for commercialism and Don't fall for the hype!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


These may be the greatest pair of heels I've ever seen. These are made by a company named Celine. They are a perfect example of architecture meets fashion and I love their relationship. ill!

Two Must Have Lookbooks!

Tom Ford

This book is a complete catalogue of Ford's design work for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004. It chronicles not only Ford's clothing and accessories designs for both houses, but also explores Ford's grand vision for the complete design of a brand, including architecture, store design, and advertising.

Changing of the Guards

The creators describe the book as being “a 128 page leather-bound visual collection of photography, art, design and history that have created and inspired the Brooklyn Circus Journey.” This Brooklyn Circus Coffee table book is more than literature on couture, but also vivid images on different styles.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bow Tied Bruvas

Question! What has six legs, three bow ties and can fly? The Bow Tied Brothers of Urban Anatomy! We at Urban Anatomy love to marry the traditional with the innovative. Each one of these style concepts unveil the beauty in one of our favorite accessories, The Bow Tie!
"UA" All Day!

Earry is wearing a wonderful combination of the 50's and the early 90's era. Starting with the concrete paper boy hat and ending with the high top Nike Air Revolutions. The contrast of color in the grey, black and salmon hues lead the eyes to his build as the salmon button-up compliments his skin tone perfectly.

Ken is wearing a short sleeve safari button up with (of course) a cherry red bow tie. With Levi denim and the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" SB Nike Dunks (insanity!) This color selection is very mellow but eye catching, which allows is kicks to stand out and provide persona of an effortless masterpiece.

JT is killing em' with a battle of the denim in the contrasting washes in his Levi Trucker Jacket and Gap Indigo jeans. His style concept is complimented with a vintage MAGNITUDE hat, (obviously) electric red bow tie and the Olympic Edition Adidas Conductors.


There is so much beauty to be created and experienced. Whether it is in the love you have for fashion, art or life. We believe that it is possible to paint beautiful portraits through individuality and innovation. The extent of your beauty and originality depends solely on your confidence. So dress accordingly, according to you! and Become the Change you Seek.

Love, Urban Anatomy

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jay (continues to) Stay PLAYED

We at Urban Anatomy believe that we can't move forward without respecting the past. In our mission to give back to community, we want to pay homeage to a creator that will FOREVER have a special place in our hearts.

His name is Jay Dilla (J Dilla)....if you don't know him....Please be prepared to be slapped in ears!!!

Directly to the right, I have posted his newest album released June 2, 2009...Jay Stay Paid!

Because his beats very frequently appear on our DOPE playlists.....Jay (will always) Stay Played!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Common + Microsoft = "Softwear"

These are two of four t-shirt designs that Common has created in collaboration with Microsft. Very digital...Pretty inspiring if we must say so ourselves...Thanks Common!

I Used To Love Her...And Still Do!

Warning: Bad Picture Quality

Common Wealth Reebok Pump Sea Foam!

Here at the Columbian Jungle, we love retro and these are a true definition of the old mixed with the new. Common Wealth comes hard with this modern designed Reebok Pump. They'll be released in august and will be retailed at $125.00.

100 Styles and Running

High Top Boat Shoes? Daaaaaaaamn! A tear just rolled down my face. 100 Styles and Running!

The Vael Terminatrix!

These are definitely designed with quality and innovation in mind. These are definitely for the exclusive sneaker lover. Vael is pretty consistent and it good to see them improving on their already potent product.

S***R Gene's!

These high tops are insane! Designed by S***R, these are a quality meets modern European. I'm Diggin em but I wonder, what to do you think?


This line is pretty creative. Loving the form fitting piece and especially the shades. Oh, and this is for you!

Yigal Azrouel Cropped Denim Jacket!

I've always loved denim jackets so when I saw this piece I immediately pictured myself falling in love with the first woman I saw with this on. Shallow Huh? Well you can find your very own right here!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Avant-Garde-Esque Adidas Tennis High

Here in the Columbian, we love the marriage of vintage and modern. The Adidas Tennis High is a perfect example of this. Perfect for the summer and you can pretty wear these with anything. These are very exclusive, so they may be hard to find. Here is a good start!

Pour La Victoire!

Pour La Victoire is an insane shoe designer. These are guaranteed to break necks and hurt feelings. Ladies, you could probably wear these with a garbage bag and be fly! Enjoy!
"UA" All Day!!!!

Cassette Playa+Nike Dunk

These are the Nike Dunk designed by Cassette Playa. The color-way is very interesting and eye catching. These will be released in October at footlocker's house of hoops surprisingly. Peace!!