Monday, June 8, 2009

Bow Tied Bruvas

Question! What has six legs, three bow ties and can fly? The Bow Tied Brothers of Urban Anatomy! We at Urban Anatomy love to marry the traditional with the innovative. Each one of these style concepts unveil the beauty in one of our favorite accessories, The Bow Tie!
"UA" All Day!

Earry is wearing a wonderful combination of the 50's and the early 90's era. Starting with the concrete paper boy hat and ending with the high top Nike Air Revolutions. The contrast of color in the grey, black and salmon hues lead the eyes to his build as the salmon button-up compliments his skin tone perfectly.

Ken is wearing a short sleeve safari button up with (of course) a cherry red bow tie. With Levi denim and the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" SB Nike Dunks (insanity!) This color selection is very mellow but eye catching, which allows is kicks to stand out and provide persona of an effortless masterpiece.

JT is killing em' with a battle of the denim in the contrasting washes in his Levi Trucker Jacket and Gap Indigo jeans. His style concept is complimented with a vintage MAGNITUDE hat, (obviously) electric red bow tie and the Olympic Edition Adidas Conductors.


There is so much beauty to be created and experienced. Whether it is in the love you have for fashion, art or life. We believe that it is possible to paint beautiful portraits through individuality and innovation. The extent of your beauty and originality depends solely on your confidence. So dress accordingly, according to you! and Become the Change you Seek.

Love, Urban Anatomy

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