Saturday, June 13, 2009

Commercialism in the Sneaker World is Wack!

So Nike released two very interesting sneakers: The Air Yeezy and the RT1; both of these are called lifestyle sneakers. In my opinion neither of them are unique, but the Yeezys cost $130 more bucks than the RT1's. Plus they released like 1,000 pair of each colorway world wide. There are actually people sleeping outside for kicks that have been designed by someone who has no design experience. It's kinda sad because in reality there are some legitimate shoe designers that will never triumph Kanye's design success.
There are 17 year old kids that have inspiring talent in comparison to not only Kanye's releases but the recent releases of the sneaker industry. So the purpose of this post is to offer advice! Please research and find diamonds in the rough. Don't go for commercialism and Don't fall for the hype!

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