Monday, January 4, 2010

Urban Anatomy Discovers Charlotte.....

This guy is John True, an amazing artist, who resides in Charlotte, NC. He owns a gallery and studio in the NODA Art District. As I entered his gallery I noticed some of the most captivating art I've lately.
From the colorways that seemed to invade my vision to the hand carved stone that accompanied some of his portraits, each piece seemed to be alive. John told me that recently in the art world death is popular but in his world life is.
Every painting that he has created is in the middle of something and there is life happening. John explained to me that art is not the answer to everything to him, it's just the way thinks. Give him a visit and check more of his beautiful insanity at

Interesting enough, Charlotte has some ill graffiti. This was on the side of a loft. I'd live there!
The Center of the Earth Gallery!

More Graffiti!
As I strolled to view some boutiques I stumbled upon a couple skateboarders doing their thing! They told me that whatever you're doing doesn't matter unless you love it. It doesn't matter if you get anywhere just keep pushin. Good lookin out Denver and Franklin...

Even More Graffiti!
So I came across two young while on my way to another meeting and they told me about party at the Dharma Lounge. They played house, had grrrrrreat drinks and a dope venue. It was the artist, designer, skater paradise.

There is so much to see and learn. The world is waiting on you, so don't keep it waiting and don't take it for granted. So Cheers (ding!), here's to your movement through ambition.
"UA" All Day!

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