Friday, February 26, 2010

Check This Out...

Well clearly it's no secret to who and what Anna Wintour is to the fashion industry. For those of you that have no idea; if you ever saw "The Devil Wears Prada," Meryl Streep's character should give you an idea of who Anna Wintour is. Well now, through the immaculate direction of R.J. Cutler, you can see the inner workings of Vogue yourself.
Before Coco Chanel, there was Coco Chanel in the making. Coco Avant Chanel takes a biolook at the life of famed French designer Gabrielle Chanel, better known as "Coco," played marvelously by Audrey Tautou. This film was directed and written by Anne Camille Fontaine; and it is currently available in retails and movie rentals near you.

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