Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hunting for Inspiration


Before you view this experience, I would like you to listen to what I was listening to while capturing these inspiring images. So PRESS PLAY and don't blink, you may miss something.

Hollyweerd just released their limited quantity t-shirt, complete with a few insane tracks from their upcoming project. Support....

I came across this amazing boutique named Fearless Weirdos which is Co-Owned by Alva and her Brother. They have iLL vintage street wear pieces. They're having their launch on March 27th and April 2nd! So show love, I'm sure you won't disappointed.
Art and Graffiti class is in session!

When I'm driving or strolling down the street, I try to notice everything, as if I'm an art connoissuer, living in an amazing portrait. It becomes so hard to blink when everything inspires you. I fall in love every time the sun sets and that love lasts me for an entire day until my eyes meet her again. Yes, she is inspiration. How Beautifully Hideous she can be and how Amazingly Dull she sometimes is. And though I am inspired by the things my eyes embrace, I am also inspired by the things that do not exist, the void that has not yet been filled. We Love you inspiration and we promise to create more of you.
"UA" Toute La Journee!


  1. Yeah. I try and look for inspiration to continue my douchebag tendencies. One time I ended up in the county for soliciting a harlot to convince her harlot friends to make an adult movie with one another-Hookers Gone Wild. I had solid business model. Cheap labor and there are a lot of women out there that lack confidence and self esteem. Well that work out, so I am thinking of some other stuff right now.