Tuesday, March 9, 2010

...A word from the wise....

To all of the readers of this blog.....I ask you to do one thing. RESEARCH!!!! Please just don't expose yourself to new desingers, music, etc. because WE say so. Learn about new things because that's your duty as a human entity. We at Urban Anatomy are but a mere middle man between you and culture. And please....oh pLeAse....don't expose yourself to things just because you hear them on the radio or see them on tv. I swear about 1,000 people are about to go to the corner store trying to by Lemonade Kool-Aid. Gucci Mane can NOT be your go-to guy!!!!

This week, I urge you to step outside the box and learn something new. The more you learn, the better and more evolved we will become as a community. Sorry that I'm on my super sappy "free the mind then the people" schpeel....but I think it's important for EVERYONE to be part of this global movement. The only way you can jump abroad is if you know yourself, know your people, and learn how to make those two better.
"Education develops the intellect; and the intellect distinguishes man from other creatures. It is education that enables man to harness nature and utilize her resources for the well being and improvement of his life" - Haile Selassie.
Alsoooooo...............we want to thank EVERYBODY for getting us to 10,000 views in such a short period. I mean DIGGITY DAMN, it's only the 9th day of March. Fuck it! We gotta keep striving! We're trying to make it to 10,000 views in ONE day!!!!! We thank you again, but urge you to share what you see @ Urban Anatomy with other people. Do your part by being someone's mere middle man.

Thanks again!

I'm trying to get to 25,000! Let's see if we can fanaggle that situation.