Friday, March 26, 2010

Earry's Going Away Party

There is no fashion you can purchase or vacation spot you can escape to, that can overcome the joy you spend with the people you love... Surprise!!!
...Yes, we got you

"How in the world did they pull this off?"

"Damn this some good chicken."
"Umm, this is some good chicken!"


Blame it on the...

"Umm Umm!"

"Can you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth!"

Lol...somebody said it feels like you made it out the hood twice! We are all happy for you bro; in some cases with tears...tears because we're thinking like, "Damn, I wish it was me!" :-) We do appreciate all the laughs and creativity you have influenced. That was a big move, and we admire you for it. The truth is, it would be absurd to lock your creativity down in one area, so keep in mind that there is a world of individuals that need to feel the appreciation we feel for your inspirations. Stay focused...and know we got your back bro! Until September Fashion Week...Peace and Love!


  1. jonathan you are going to be there soon enough!!!! I FREAKIN KNOW IT!!! SOOOO STOP YOUR CRYING... YOU ARE SOOO DESTINED FOR GREATNESS.

  2. You make it seem as if I'm a whiny
    :-)...However, thank you anonymous, for your words of encouragement.

  3. How amazing it is to have true friends! I feel like I'm a part the Urban Anatomy family. I know through this blog entry that everyone in those picture is destined for greatness because of the love that you possess for eachother. Keep it going UA, the rest of the rest needs you.