Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be Fly, Be Weird, Be Cool, Kids! (A Night out on "A" Town)

Guess who it is! Mikey Rocks and Chuck English! Cooooool Kids!This is Kim. One the Nicest and Flyest business women I know. As the Leader of the Lavish Life Social Club, she is setting up her team for the win. She's everywhere in the post, point guard position and she coaches! Big Up for inviting us to the event Fam.

One half of Chester French! We love good music and these guys are a part of it. Check them out on Throw up the Star Trek sign! Now!

This is Rochelle Fox and her homie, Shante. Rochelle Fox is the one on the right and happens to be Amazing. She is an Atlanta Artist (She Spits! Check her out on Yo, in person though she's fly and a fox like in real life (In my "J.J Evans" Voice).

This is Camera and her glasses were the illest accessory in the event. Not to mention she's cute.

This Dude ALIen is a F*ckin Beast and he played the drums like a maniac. He literally played the drums while dancing, took his shirt off, asked a chick for her number and did his taxes at the same time. Crazy! Big up to the homie.

Big up to Dres tha Beatnick (

The Dave's Quality Meats!

Battle of the MoHawk!

Marcus Forbes had to break it up though. I had my money on JT though.

Step's Golden Mikes! As you can see the "A" was blessed with some hard drop kicks.

Peace! From UA.


  1. Hey whats up...JT. I'm really digging your styles. I love that its different and I love being different... Please hit me up on my email

  2. Or hit me up on my

  3. Thank you much Chmiller...It's cool to meet someone who can appreciate a change.