Thursday, March 5, 2009

JT's Styling

We know the scarf look has became extremely commercial, but you gotta admit, the (Madsteez)
bag does throw a nice contrast. Oh...and the poses was dope too...What do you think?


  1. How does the scarf look become commerical?? Hmm.. If my neck is cold I will put on a scarf!! duh.. A particular look can become overused and played out but not commerical. Furthermore, Something as necessary and common scarf can NEVER become played out... The poses are hott but in the last picture is the model grabbing her crotch?? LOL. I'm just saying, let's keep it feminine... I bet that pose was JT's idea... ha.

  2. I meant to say something as necessary as a scarf...

  3. I love the poses!!!! The bag is dope, and it made the whole picture BEAT.
    IT's giving me "LIFE"
    it's Cammy Sharae