Sunday, September 27, 2009

....Just a little better.....

We, at Urban Anatomy, feel like we aren't doing our job. We are supposed to be your 1st source for fashion, news, everything!!!!

I (NIA) feel like you need to put a name slash names to a face slash faces. If you see us, you will love us (even more) and follow us (even more) and tell more people about us (even more).

Starting this week, we will be taking pictures everyday of our daily lives. Now, let me remind you, these pictures could come from the DSLR, or the iPhone, or BlackBerry, or whatev! And it will be of EVERYTHING! Our inspiration, our clothing, shoes, food, experiences. I want you to feel me slash us.

I mean, I don't think we are a bad looking group of (dope) individuals. Get to know us, I hope you LOVE what you encounter.

I bid you adeiu....until soon.

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