Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Showing Love: Raf Simons

First off. It is very seldom that Urban Anatomy shows love to designers being that we design insanity ourselves. So whenever we do choose to put fellow UA'ers up one a designer trust that it is for good reason. So on that note we Present Mr. Raf Simons.
First of all this dude is Belgian and started his career as an industrial designer. This means that he designed cool ass furniture. Until one day he decided that his love for fashion was too prevalent to ignore. So in 1995 he designed his first line inspired by schoolboys and traditional outer wear.
From that point on he has continued to design with the purpose of nurturing individuality and innovation and Raf has done this. He once described the fashion world as too constrictive and structured when art and design is everything but this.
.....Thanx Raf
"UA" All Day!

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