Monday, April 19, 2010

Get your head in the game.....

So. Please. Forgive. Us. For. Not. Posting. In. A. While. This. Journey. We. Are. Embarking. On. Called. Life. Is. Something. Serious. But. No. Worries. I'm. About. To. Post. Like. Tomorrow. Is. Thee. Last. Day.


Now....back to regularly scheduled programming.

I often try to think what designers use for inspiration. Usually when I am doing makeup at a photo shoot, or one of the guys is styling, we use certain things that we hear and see for our moment in time inspiration. Alexander Wang's (lol W-A-N-G) inspiration for his most recent collection had to be his strive to stay ahead of the game. His collection is naturally inspired by sports.


But of course darling his collection is not lacking on a twist on classic design. Lawwwddddd......if I ever get some real money. Let the church say YESSSS!!!!!


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