Thursday, September 2, 2010

Manhattan Memoirs

We've known each other for years. Almost 20 years in fact. It happened one faithful day in the early 90's.....we were casket sharp in our hunter green private school uniforms.

I love My Name....My Name loves Earl.....Earl loves Me. Can't you see the love?! Can't you feel it!!?!?!

So.....I just noticed.....I have a slight Gumby.

My Name has a slight Bowl cut.

We saw dope displays. Above (Uniqlo). Below (DSW-High end) Millie-@theBeezNeez. Dante-@Cosmic_Being. Earry-@Urbananatomy.

Thee dopest hat I saw in NY. Also, she might have been one of the drunkest girls I saw in NY.

In case you didn't know: My Name and I are built like stallions. Or so we've been told.

These shoes were made for walking.

We literally stayed up for 24(ish) hours. We went the opposite of soft, just as I promised. We went to a random Usher concert, had drinks with Souljah Boy's road manager, witnessed the most leaning(est) cowboy boots in existence, ate street meat, and laughed out entire asses off the whole time.

Ashley: Babe, Hold my purse.
"Babe": Nigga what!?!?!?!?!?

We rep the Chi, but there's nothing like NY.

Finally Children, I was able to upload these pictures and trust I have a hundred more. I literally snapped more photos in my 3 days in NY then I have since I purchased my camera. There are just toooooo many to post. I sporadically went through my camera. It was a combination of the Hangover, Singing in the Rain, Adventures of Babysitting, Blankman, and Beat Street.


until we meet again.


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