Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Forever Evolving Soul...

Do you know that if you try and find any definition on Earry, it doesn't exist. Did you also know that if you search for Earry on Facebook, it only leads to your page. I find that extremely interesting because it puts all the attention on you to define the define you...Literally!

So far I have to say that if Webster tried this very second to conjure up some words to articulate even in his best way what Earry means...he would lose his mind. This is the complexity in your existence my friend, and you stand here this day to further define your unique being.

Happy Birthday yet again to Mr. Earry J. Hall...and may you continue to define your very existence my friend. All the love in the universe for you bro! And for the sake of a perfect ending to this message...UA ALL DAY!!

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