Sunday, May 9, 2010

Clap For Him...

This is not necessarily a fashion blog...this is a real blog! I say real because when you think of style, you should think of every aspect of the intricacies of that look. Life is a a huge store filled with all the apparel, shoes, and accessories you can sponge to express who you are.
This young man, was a unique addition to my life; He is the only baby I have ever babysitted, and the only pampers I've changed to this day. His growth is important to me, and as passionate as I am about artistic expressions, I am with what I surround him with to sponge into that beautiful brain.
Life is Art, and what you sponge into yours ultimately expresses your style...Peace!


  1. thats wats up congrats lil TA!!! and Jt your philosophy is true bruh....

  2. Felicia...Awww TA! So proud of the baby. He's such a bright young man!

  3. Congrats nephew!!! Uncle Meek is so proud of you!!!

  4. Congrats Nephew!!! Uncle Meek is so proud of you!!!