Monday, May 17, 2010

Urban Anatomy X Clever Trevor "8 bit Bowtie"!

Yes we've been cookin in the kitchen! This is the first Urban Anatomy accessory design collaboration. We have teamed up with the amazing accessory designer Clever Trevor to release the "8 Bit Bowtie". The pieces will be released this summer. Looook Out!


  1. AHHhhHHhHHHHHHHHH YESSS !!!! old school video game style with fashion !

  2. pretty dOPE... it even looks like a piece of bubble gum a lil, even doper! i am glad to be a witness of the growth of this company, i can be in the behind the music series!

  3. thats some Sexy bowtie =]

  4. The ingredients to the growth of Urban Anatomy depends on all of you. Some more than others but all are vitally important to this. You inspire us to grow, to create, too DREAM. So trust, there is much more craziness on the way, because of YOU...

    Peace and Love,
    "UA" All Day!