Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earry's New York Post Feature!

Here's Earry's feature in the New York Post's Daily Magazine in their fashion column. (iPad version)
Here's my comment:

In all honesty, I believe that one's style should tell a story or evoke a mood or energy. This is my goal when I choose pieces to wear. I would like the people that I encounter to see my visual voice prior to an intellectual exchange. Ironically, I was extremely happy and relaxed that day. The colorway and shoe selection was an indicator of that mood and energy.

As for my source of inspiration. The unknown and spontaneity inspire me (honestly).

Profession: Brand Coordinator (Founder of Urban Anatomy).

Name: Earry Hall

Age: 26

Shirt: vintage Wrangler Rodeo Shirt

Pants: Ralph Lauren (altered/ tailored)

Shoes: Jordan VIII

Briefcase: Tumi

"UA" All Day!

1 comment:

  1. You stated that the slecetion of the clothing you choose portrayed the type of mood your in that day. That's deep, I like that. Looking from your pant's it looks like your in a confidence and relax mood.